How Often Should You Opt For Interior Painting In Your House?


Opting for interior painting is indeed a stressful task, especially if you are planning to do all the rooms in your home in a one go. Needless to say, people do have several questions regarding the same. One of the biggest questions is how often they should opt interior painting services from interior painters.

This is obvious that there is no official answer to this frequently asked question. There are several factors to take into consideration like the wear and tear and how the rooms in your house are being used by your family members, etc. Each room in your house is different from one another and obviously, the high traffic areas require to be painted more frequently while the others can be painted after several years. The interior trends keep changing with time. So, you may be wishing to update some of your rooms in your house with the latest painting techniques and trends from time to time. Whatever be the case, you should make it a point to opt for the best interior painters for your interior painting initiative.

Interior Painters
Interior Painters

How often should you opt for the interior painting services from interior painters for various parts of your home?

This varies from one room to another but when conducted with the proper paint and prep work, then a paint job by an experienced interior painter can last for five to ten years. However, the maximum “lived in” spaces would require frequent painting.

  • Bedrooms – Most of the bedrooms for the adults would require a painting often, as these are the most used rooms in your house. There are not high-traffic areas which mean that people are not regularly touching the walls or on and off bumping the walls. Because of this reason, the paint jobs can last up to 5 years or even more in an average bedroom for the adults. The children’s rooms are certainly a different story. They face more action and often are being used as playrooms by the children. Thus, these children bedrooms require frequent painting. With all the child’s activities, these walls are more likely to get dirty. Even if you opt for a durable paint, the walls of the child’s bedroom need to be washed and eventually, it fades away. 
  • Dining and living room – A formal dining or living room are not used all the time so the paint usually tends to last longer in this area of the house. These rooms usually have several furniture and they naturally act as a buffer as well to protect the walls from getting dirty. For the living spaces in your house, you may opt for repainting because you might want to change the look of your living room. On average, you can opt to paint the living and dining room in your house once in every 5-7 years. 
  • Kitchen – They say that the kitchen is usually the heart of every house and this tends to be one of the busiest places in the entire house. Because if the several things present in the kitchen, the kitchen stuff keeps bumping into the walls much more as compared to any other room in the house. The kitchen walls usually get dirty soon because of the grease, splatters, and food prep. The walls of the kitchen need to be washed much often as compared to the walls of the other rooms of the houses. The kitchen usually needs to be repainted once in every three to four years. So our interior painting services by interior painters give you new look to your kitchen.

Interior Painters
Interior Painters

The interior painting services by interior painters is not only to maintain the appealing look of your property but also to maintain the proper hygiene in your home. So, you must consider painting the interiors of your house at regular intervals.

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